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How The Intelligent Use of Data Is A Source Of Competitive Advantage, Robotics In Hotel Operations, and Ctrip Teams With Hyatt In Flagship Store

June 1, 2018
Kristina S.Park

We have some exciting hospitality news for you this week!

We hate to say, "We told you so," but... we told you so. Data analytics is fundamental to the success of a business, big or small. In the travel industry, there is a gargantuan amount of data that is still being unused, which is why we got into the data business in the first place! In the first read, Travel Appeal highlights the competitive advantages of using data analytics to not only improve your hotel's business performance, but also enhance customer engagement. And in the world of hospitality, customer engagement is what we're after at the end of the day, so why wouldn't we want to use data to benefit both our hotels and our guests? Looking ahead into the not too distant future, hotel technology is already advancing to the next level: robotics. While robots aren't necessarily considered new technology, according to our second read, more hotels are adopting robotic technology into their daily operations. Read the second article to find out why 56% of consumers and hotel operators think robotic services will be more prevalent in hotels by 2025. Jumping back to the present, the battle continues to wage on between hotels and online travel agencies (OTAs). However, as the saying goes, "If you can't beat them, join them," which is exactly what Hyatt has done with Ctrip, the Chinese online travel services giant. Instead of fighting over online bookings, the two companies have collaborated on the launch of an online flagship store for Ctrip members to access Hyatt hotels. Read the third article to see how the companies plan to expand from the Greater China region to the rest of the world.

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When The Intelligent Use Of Data Is A Source of Competitive Advantage

Big Data, Analytics, Insights … it is evident, in the travel industry, as well as in many other sectors, the importance of using this information. Nowadays, even small companies understand that data are fundamental for the development of better business strategies. But how much is really the intelligent use of insights a source of competitive advantage? And which is the impact on customer engagement?

Hotel Intelligence Competitive Advantage Hospitality Data Platform

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Hotel 2025: Robotics - Human Complement or Substitute?

Robotics is a field that brings together artificial intelligence, computer science, and mechanical and electrical engineering capabilities to design, construct, operate and deploy robots in a variety of industries. Robots are adaptable to perform any task required of it; most commonly they perform more dangerous or mundane tasks such as assembly line and packaging jobs. But robots have become so sophisticated and personable that they are starting to replace waiters, cleaners and even front-of-house hotel staff. Is it possible for robots to match, or even exceed, the human standard in hospitality?

Hotel 2015 Robotics Hospitality Data Platform

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Ctrip Teams With Hyatt To Open Its First Flagship Store

The online flagship store allows over 300 million Ctrip members to access Hyatt hotels in the Greater China region and will extend to Hyatt hotels globally in the near future. The Hyatt flagship store offers Ctrip's loyalty members access to attractive rates at Hyatt hotels and resorts around the world. Ctrip members who log on to the flagship store will be able to join World of Hyatt, Hyatt's global loyalty program.

Hotel Hyatt Hospitality Data Platform

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