Collect. Harmonize. Analyze.

SnapShot is the first and largest hospitality independent data processing platform,
helping both enterprise and individual hospitality organizations collect, harmonize and analyze your data to better manage your business.

Data Platform

Harmonize and facilitate access to your data across multiple systems and data sources to empower your business with better data solutions.


Analyze and Visualize

Analyze your business through custom visualization solutions or our Analytics tool sets for enterprise groups or independent hospitality clients.



Unlock and use your data with applications from innovative developers on SnapShot Marketplace.

The Evolution of the Data Platform

Almost a decade ago, our vision was to build what has now become hospitality’s premier data platform, independent of any brand or software provider. We foresaw the need for a platform to collect data for the hospitality industry from multiple systems, harmonize it into usable and uniform structures and provide better information to optimize performance.

Now one of the largest hospitality data processors in the world, our data platform manages transactional data of over 6,000 independent and branded hotels worldwide with over 45 different connected PMS systems, and growing.

From our beginnings of improving revenue management data to becoming the industry standard in analytics, we’re now entering our third phase, which brings the vision together: our secure data platform, our visualization capabilities and our marketplace.

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