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Hospitality is a data-driven industry.

Data has grown to become the backbone of business intelligence and an unrivaled asset with limitless potential. Recognizing the value of data and it’s effect on successful decision making is essential.

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Be equipped with methods and tools to effectively harmonize data, leading to better analysis.


Prepare for a professional career in hospitality in just four courses, led by industry experts. Explore further into the realms of Hotel Management and related disciplines of distribution, revenue and demand management. Achieve industry respected qualifications and professional growth online.


Partnering with the world’s leading Hospitality schools, we offer a 5 day program to both undergraduate and Master's students. Delivered and regularly updated by industry experts, the Hotel Demand Management bootcamp offers students an insight into current industry trends and questions the traditional ways of thinking.


Enable your company to receive real-time updates on current industry practices. Be two-steps ahead of the industry by replenishing your staff's skills for better decision making, saving your company time and money. Invest in your employees' knowledge and witness your company soar in growth shortly after.


"The bootcamp is an amazing opportunity to understand all the ins and outs of Hotel Demand Management, while connecting with knowledgeable industry leaders"

ESSEC Master Student

"Really inspiring and educating. For me, the best choice to have industry speakers than regular teachers... this is worth a lot!"

EHL Undergraduate Student

"Great learning experience surrounded by professionals who are just here to transmit their knowledge. Really amazing course! Thanks a lot Snapshot team!!!"

ESSEC Master Student

"A concrete and global course to sum up every aspect of hospitality demand management"

ESSEC Master Student

"Great learning experience and a professional delivery of topics relevant to current and future hospitality trends"

EHL Master Student

"Dynamic in its team delivery, sharp and up-to-date in its content, the seminar is a good way to summarize and tie together different pieces of learning that took place during the year.Students have enjoyed it very much."

Jeanine Picard
ESSEC Director of Studies

"Thank you, your team, and your guest lectures for a fantastic bootcamp last week... it has been a valuable learning experience that aligns well with our programs objectives"

Dr. Achim Schmitt
Dr. Achim Schmitt Associate Professor of Strategic Management at Ecole Hoteliere de Lausanne and Director of the Master HES-SO in Global Hospitality Business

Our Partners

SnapShot Education reveals the benefits of breaking down the restricting silos between departments and systems.

What is a Hotel Data Platform?

With massive amounts of data now available to hotels, it’s safe to say that all future technologies will rely on data and integrations. The need for an independent system to collect and connect all existing data for hotels has become inevitable. Enter the data platform, but what does that mean and how does it work for hotels? Data analytics. Data intelligence. Harmonized data. Big data.

We’ve all heard about the endless facets of data, but data is essentially worthless unless it is properly stored, intelligently related to the various parts, and made accessible to users and other systems. Yes, we can see and store the data, but if we don’t understand it, we’re missing out on a world of opportunities, and in turn, profits. Without the technology to bring all data together into one easily accessible location, data becomes this unmanageable monster.

A data platform combines all of the data together from various data sets and acts as a centralized hub where it can be accessed for analysis and integrations. A hospitality data platform collects data from multiple systems (PMS, POS, Channel Manager, Website Analytics and much more), harmonizes it into usable and uniform structures, and provides managed APIs and applications to access the data... Read More

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