Snapshot Milestones



The Story


The name “SnapShot” came from the fact that our system takes a snapshot of a hotel’s data at specific time intervals and then harmonizes it into a platform to make it accessible to hotels for their many other systems.

Six years ago, we saw a need for a different kind of access to hospitality data – one that would be independent of any software provider and gave access and control back to the organizations that needed the data most – to you.

We started with the mission of breaking down data silos and helping the industry exchange data amongst departments, systems and properties. Working with our early investors, we began building the structure for a full-scale data platform.

We rapidly realized that even "the same data" is different depending on the PMS and how it is stored. Validating a Data Platform could only happen with thousands of hotels using dozens of systems, so we needed to find a way to build a common denominator platform that could produce the same (and correct) data, no matter what kind of data came in.

The next step became building the Hotel Analytics application that could collect data from hotels in any location, harmonize it and output it in a way that made sense and was coherent across all hotels and systems.

As we collected data from thousands of hotels and structured all the complex PMS and transactional hotel data, we built APIs to expose authorized (by the hotels) partners to the data and ensure the platform worked. This became our marketplace of hotel technology applications, a first for the industry. And the only system to expose hotel data from multiple PMSs into a single and harmonized API.

Now after years of iterations, improvements and refinements, we’ve entered our third and most important phase, creating the hospitality industry’s first open data platform.