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How is Guest's Experience Done Right + Should your Hotel be on "Book on Google"

October 6, 2017
Marina Mitrashov

In this week’s reads, let's focus on guest experience. First, learn how content improves the online shopping experience. Then, see how Marriott plans to use Amazon’s Alexa to improve the in-room experience.

Next up, Expedia releases data on U.S travel shopping habits across generations, providing insights on how to approach different generation in your marketing strategy.

And finally, take an in-depth look at Google Booking to understand if it is worth being on the platform.

How Content Improves the Online Shopping Experience for Guests

Almost everyone who holds a position within a hotel company or technology provider has his or her own thoughts on the types of content that need to be delivered to score the best results. Does user-generated content figure into the mix? Do images provoke an emotional and measurable response versus room details provided in a textual format?

Ultimately, the question that needs to be addressed is: What are travelers looking for when it comes to content? There are insights and reports available, so of course, the effectiveness of content can be analyzed. However, by no means are these measurements entirely indicative of the booking experience.

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How Marriott Plans To Use Amazon Alexa To Improve The In-Room Experience For Guests

Marriott is set to test out Amazon Alexa in a number of its hotel properties, Toni Stoeckl, global brand leader at Marriott, revealed in a panel at Advertising Week. The move is a bid to provide increased personalization and improved in room service for guests.

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Expedia releases data on U.S. travel shopping habits across generations

The data shows that American travelers are deal-driven explorers, and Millennials embrace the ‘you only live once’ mentality, take risks and focus on crossing things off their bucket list, while Gen X prefers relaxing trips and visiting family.

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Book on Google, available now for your hotel

Google is making giant leaps expanding its product Google Hotel Ads with a new function added a few months ago called “Book on Google” (BoG), also known as Easy Booking. Here is all you need to know about it and should your hotel use it.

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Need to Work on Your Communication?

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Using Stay Delightful, hotels can engage with guests from pre-arrival to post-stay and spas can generate ancillary revenue with targeted offers. Available on mobile and desktop, Stay Delightful enables hotels to turn guest messages into tasks, assign them to the right staff, communicate within teams, and schedule messages using message templates to reduce repetitive work.

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