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Data Snaps - All aboard the Advanced Hotel-Tech route! Next stop: Data Platform

May 17, 2019
Kristina S.Park

I know, I know - we’re a little excited about data platforms here at SnapShot, but now we’re not the only ones! As more integrations are occurring between various hospitality technology firms, the emergence of data platforms have become the natural next step. As seen in this article, convergence between central reservation systems (CRS) and property management systems (PMS) is finally happening, allowing for smoother operations in hotels. Now that these main systems are integrating, the converged systems, along with fully documented open APIs will allow for hospitality data platforms to evolve. Data platforms are already here and we’re happy others are jumping on the data platform bandwagon to give hotel technology the push that it needs.

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Speaking of hotel technology lagging behind other industries, if you’re wondering why the industry is so reliant on outdated systems, read this article here. The hospitality industry has a great range of technology available, including mobile check-in/out, keyless entry, self-service check-in/out kiosks, AI-operated concierge services, and much more, yet it’s still stuck on legacy systems and Excel-based reporting processes. As shown in the article, it’s mostly a matter of not being aware of the cloud-based technology and data analytics integrated PMS offerings. Once the industry realizes that strides are being made to bring hospitality technology to the next level, perhaps it will finally let go of old technology and embrace the new. However, upgrading an entire industry to new technology is easier said than done. According to this article, 65% of hotel guests want hotels to invest in new technologies that will enhance their guest experience, so why aren’t they? The three biggest guest data challenges are narrowed down in the article to customer data being siloed and unused, gaining the trust of customers to securely handle their data, and how to navigate the new frontier of long-term data approach in hotels.

Manage your data like a boss!

Once hotels are able to overcome the main challenges of hotel technology, the opportunities become endless. Data analytics are helpful in all industries, and when it comes to hotel analytics, this article highlights what to look for when selecting which technologies to use.

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Investing in new technology is a big commitment, and hotels must be prepared in order to make sure their return on investment is positive. The quality of data, capacity of data storage, availability of data integration and access are key factors in data analytics technology. Thus, hotels need to prioritize their IT infrastructure to ensure improved performance, as seen here. New hospitality technologies are becoming increasingly available to the industry and are welcomed solutions to the existing problems of data silos and outdated systems.

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It’s a lot to digest, but the hotel industry is slowly getting there. Data platforms are already being used to help improve hotel operations and business performances, and soon the entire industry will catch on. You must feel like a hotel data expert now that you’ve read through this week’s Data Snaps to catch you up on this week’s happenings. Want to put your knowledge to the test? Take our Hospitality Quiz to see how much you really know about the industry. I’ll confess, I can only claim to be a “Data Enthusiast” after taking the quiz. Let’s see how well you do!