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The Value of Segments in Revenue Management +OTAs vs Hotels in Numbers

October 16, 2017
Marina Mitrashov

We have some great reads for you this week! First, a case study on the value of segmentation in revenue management from Right Revenue. Then, an infographic on OTAs vs. Hotels and breaking down the online booking to numbers and costs.
Plus, take part in HEDNA's global survey to determine how hoteliers collect, store, analyze and action their data to make intelligent decisions about their distribution strategies.

And finally, learn about which content and marketing distribution channels are right for your guests.

Happy reading!

The Value of Segments


Imagine if you understood exactly how many rooms to expect from your Leisure Sector; how many days in advance they will book; which days they actually impact; the price they pay; the cost of bringing that business to your hotel and best of all, how much they will spend in your outlets. To get all of this information and to make that information useful, you need to get better at tracking.

Read on Right Revenue

OTAs vs Hotels: The Age-Old Battle Over Online Booking

ota vs hotels.png

As shown, OTAs control approximately two-thirds of all online bookings, with a 0.8% increase from last year. On the other hand, hotels, controlling one-third, saw a 0.8% decrease in total share of online bookings since last year.

Within the OTA market, the top brands include Expedia,, and Priceline— which control 28.09%, 19.13%, and 16.15% respectively. OTAs show no signs of slowing down, as it's predicted the Priceline group (which includes and Expedia will account for 94% of all online bookings by 2020.

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Calling Hotels: Take a Part in HEDNA Hotel Analytics Working Group Survey

analytics survey.png

Our co-founder, David Turnbull, co-chairs the Analytics group together with Matthew Goulden (Triometric). As one of its first initiatives, the group has developed a unique survey, designed to collect data on current practice from the global hotel community. The aims of this survey are to:

Gather feedback from a significant sample of hoteliers globally
- Determine current practice, perceived pain points and likely future direction
- Breakdown findings on a global, regional, organizational and property level

Take the Survey

Understand Your Guests to Increase Conversion Rates


Do you know who your website content should be targeting, who’s visiting your site and who’s actually parting with their cash to make the booking? If you can’t answer those questions, it’s time to start building a picture of your target market in order to better meet their requirements and wishes.

Read on Net Affinityy

Fully automated Business Intelligence Application for Hotels


ENIGMA is a fully automated Business Intelligence Application for Hotels with an integrated Yield Management module.

ENIGMA collects data seamlessly from your PMS, including budget, events, reservations, performance figures, and more to provide hotels with reports that show past and future data, forecasts, and even rate schemas for revenue managers. * Enigma requires one of the following PMS: Protel, Opera(Oracle - Micros Fidelio) or Suite8(Oracle - Micros Fidelio)

Visit Snapshot marketplace to get the app and to discover other applications that will help you better run your business:

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