Back to blog Leads The Way in Accommodations Listings, Visual Content Themes in Hospitality Marketing in 2018, and Sabre Launches Property Management System

April 16, 2018
Kristina S.Park

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The inventory arms race has started and is in the lead with over 5 million listings on its website, while Airbnb trails closely behind with 4.85 million. Although Airbnb claims they will reach the 5 million mark by the end of June, keep in mind that's statistics only include "nontraditional listings" of homes, apartments, and other unique rentals. When adding in their hotel listings, has over 27 million listings on its platform. Read the first article to see why it's not just a numbers game and how Airbnb is planning to compete with the OTA giant. Marketing methods have evolved over the years and as digital marketing becomes more and more prevalent, its crucial for hospitality marketers to create relevant visual content. Our second article provides tips for marketers in the hospitality industry on how to directly reach its audience through various apps and social media channels. Property management systems are the backbone of a hotel's operations and Oracle Hospitality has been an industry leader, particularly for upscale hotels. However, now entering the competition is Sabre with its newly launched SynXis Property Hub, a cloud-based property management system. Read the third article to see how Sabre plans to shake up the property management system market.

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Booking Claims It Beats Airbnb With 5 Million Alternative Accommodations Listings

Booking Holdings has tallied and publicized its alternative accommodations listings for the first time, and claims its biggest brand,, is the leader from a supply perspective with more than 5 million listings of homes, apartments, and other unique lodgings, topping Airbnb.

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The Importance of Visual Content in Hotel Marketing

The way a hotel markets itself visually will do a lot to build its reputation and attract business in 2018, so in order to maximize the effectiveness of visual marketing, hoteliers need to ensure that content effortlessly cascades across all platforms, hits the right brand note, and is ultimately centered on the audience’s needs, not a creative team’s ego.

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Sabre Doubles Down on Hotel Management Software

Sabre, a Texas-based travel technology company, said Tuesday it had launched a new property management system to complement its enterprise software solutions for hoteliers. The news is significant on two fronts. The leader worldwide in sales of property management systems, especially with upscale hotels, is Oracle Hospitality. The news is also notable as it is a large plank in Sabre CEO Sean Menke’s effort to rebalance the company away from its dependence on serving airline customers to other parts of the industry.

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