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What's New at SnapShot in 2016... So Far

November 4, 2016
Snapshot team

We've been quite busy at SnapShot this year. But we haven't just been busy for the sake of being busy. We've grown in many meaningful ways:  In February, we launched our flagship product, SnapShot Analytics. Since then over 2,000 hotels have started using SnapShot Analytics and we've continued to make it better. We've added new team members to every department, developed relationships with new partners, participated in many events, conferences, workshops, and bootcamps, and so much more. All of this is representative of the major opportunity we see in the hotel data space. Hoteliers are desperately looking for better, easier, more efficient ways to operate their businesses, and so much can be done by making data more accessible and easier to use. Let's take a look back at all the major milestones we've had here at SnapShot.


New Features and Updates

New Call-to-action

Of course, our biggest milestone yet was the launch of SnapShot Analytics in February. More and more hotels are turning to SnapShot Analytics as their go-to tool for everyday revenue, strategy, and marketing operations. We're continuing to improve upon it, making it easier to use and adding more connections to it. And there is plenty more on the way. Expect to see some new, exciting stuff from SnapShot soon!


New Partners


We now have almost forty data partners from all major hotel tech categories: PMSs, RMSs, Reputation Management, Competitor Benchmarking, Competitor Pricing, Website Analytics, and Social Media. Each new data partner means we study the API needed to make the connection (read our primer on APIs here), then we test it, and validate it to finally have the data available in SnapShot Analytics.

Hotelogix recently brought SnapShot Analytics to 450 of their hotel customers, and the UK's Elina PMS and Turkey's Protel AS recently became our latest PMS partners.

We also connected ReviewPro and HolidayCheck with our Reputation section, enabling hotels a more detailed look at the reviews they're receiving and how they're perceived in the market.


... And New Markets

SnapShot will soon be operating in the United States! We've already partnered with two very exciting partners, Bay Lakes and StayNTouch. More info on these partnerships coming soon. We're also expanding our operations in Hong Kong to accommodate the demand for SnapShot Analytics in Asia-Pacific.


Teamwork Makes the Dream Work


We've hired across the board, growing our current team to over 75 full-time employees across three continents.

As such, we have expanded our offices in Berlin, Poland and Czech Republic, including a new second office in Poland, and we're establishing new offices in Los Angeles and Hong Kong (more on that soon!)  


Word on the Street

We were pretty busy getting the word out about SnapShot, too. We had a number of successful (and fun-to-make) marketing campaigns. Some of our favorites below include a print advertisement featured in HOTELS Magazine and the How to Use Hotel Data infographic.  



SnapShot Around Town

We've been quite the social... erm... butterfly here at SnapShot, attending events all around the world. Some standout experiences were ITB here in our hometown of Berlin, WTM London, HITEC 2016 in New Orleans, CHAT in China, Travel Tech Israel, and more. And we're attending many more upcoming events, as well.  

We also led a number of courses, workshops, and bootcamps, partnering with schools like École hôtelière de Lausanne, University of Surrey, and others. Student feedback has been really heartening: "The multitude of different insights and facts is extremely complete. Great instructors that have a strong knowledge of their fields." And "I learned more about Demand Management in a week than I would have in a month in any other course."  

Below you'll find photos from CHAT in Beijing, our stand at ITB, and one of our EHL bootcamps.



What's Next?

From working with over 2,000 hotels in just nine months, to adding almost forty partners, and expanding teams, markets, and more, we've had a whirlwind of a year. But after all that, it's still only November! Well, we're working on some pretty cool stuff which we'll announce soon, so stay tuned.