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Mark Twain, blockchain and other game changers

March 2, 2018
Denis Fortmann

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Speaking of time, we have some great reads for you this week. David Turnbull, CCO and Founder of SnapShot is putting Mark Twain´s " If I had more time" quote into the context of new opportunities arising with new technologies, such as the recently launched data warehouse as a service product, SnapShot On Demand. The next two reads are about new technologies that are here to stay: blockchain and artificial intelligence. How will these technologies change the game? How can the hospitality industry benefit from them? Read on to find out.

If I´d had more time, I would have been a data scientist

Twisting Mark Twain’s famous “If I had more time” quote, David Turnbull, SnapShot’s Founder & Chief Commercial Officer discusses the recent launch of SnapShot's new Data Warehouse as a Service Product, SnapShot on Demand.


Data scientists spend 60% of their time normalizing data. And these are data scientists. They are not revenue managers or marketing directors or reservations managers or group sales directors or general managers, all who almost certainly have far less experience dealing with mass amounts of data.

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The applicability of blockchain in the hospitality sector

Enterprises across every industry are exploring ways to leverage blockchain technologies for business benefits. As proof, $2.1 billion has been spent globally on blockchain solutions in 2018, according to IDC. This is a clear indicator that this emerging technology is here to stay and bring increased opportunities with it.


One industry expected to benefit greatly from blockchain, is the hospitality sector.

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How Artificial Intelligence is Changing the Game for the Hotel Industry

Artificial Intelligence has already made a mark across varied businesses and the hospitality industry is fast catching up with this trend. While the hotel industry is an already crowded market, innovation is the key element for hotel owners to stay ahead of competition.


Hoteliers are already striving for new methods to reach out to customers, know them better, engage them to earn their loyalty. If you are a hotelier, the sooner you embrace smart technologies, the better it would be for your success.

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