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Weekly Reads 16.06.17

June 19, 2017
Marina Mitrashov

We have some great reads this week, with a focus on boosting revenue by segmentation of hotel clientele. To this effect, we start off by sharing a great article on how to improve your hotel's revenue strategy with proper segmentation.

June is International Pride Month - with Tel Aviv Pride Parade tourists to bring in around $40 Million for the city, we have insights on the demographic and preferences of the Pride tourists.
In more sobering news, research reveals that online hotel booking scams are on the rise, duping the consumer and translating to nearly $4 billion each year. This is a rise of 18% in just two years.
We finish off on a lighter note, with fun and original Do Not Disturb signs that are guaranteed to put a smile on your face.

Improve Your Hotel's Revenue Strategy with Proper Segmentation


Segmentation is a key feature in any hotel’s revenue strategy. To set an overall goal for the year, hotels must break down their target markets and approach, to focus on which areas of business they’d like to develop. Segmentation gives you more insight and control over your guest relationships and the way they see and book your hotel. In order to gain strong insights into your overall business, it’s important to break it down into more manageable parts to analyse and forecast.

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Tel Aviv Pride Parade Tourists to Bring in Around $40 Million


On Friday, 200,000 people are expected to march in Tel Aviv’s 19th Pride Parade. About 4,000 tourists will stay at city hotels. According to the municipality, last year, about half the tourists visiting Tel Aviv for Pride Week rented apartments, mostly through Airbnb. The others stayed with friends or acquaintances, or stayed outside Tel Aviv.
Pride tourists are thought be more well-to-do, and they're people with the spending habits of adults without children. Also, the parties and special events have a way of opening people’s wallets.

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New Research reveals Online Hotel Booking Scams are on The Rise, Duping Consumer, Translating to Nearly $4 Billon Eech Year


Every 60 seconds, Americans make 500 hotel bookings online. And new research reveals that online scams and fraudulent sites are on the rise. In 2015, six percent of American travelers reported having booked on what they believed was a hotel’s official website, only to find they had booked on a fraudulent site. Just two years later, the number of travelers reporting that same experience has nearly quadrupled to 22 percent. Today, that amounts to 55 million hotel bookings of this type each year, translating to $3.9 billion in “bad” bookings.

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The Secrets of Attendants and How "Do Not Disturb" Signs Save Face


What makes a good DNDS (Do Not Disturb Sign)? And how to make sure that your guests will put them up? Here are a few fun ideas that will put a smile on your guests' faces.

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