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How Chatbots Can Drive Revenue, How To Attract Millennials To Your Hotel, and The Growth of Instagram Use By Travelers

May 18, 2018
Kristina S.Park

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"What time is checkout?" "Do you have a fitness center?" "Where can I find the nearest...?" The list of questions is endless when it comes to a guest's experience at a hotel. Luckily, hotels with chatbots can answer any and all frequently asked questions using the round-the-clock technology with very little manpower required. However, it shouldn't just stop there. Did you know that you can enable your chatbot technology to generate actual revenue? Instead of simply answering questions, our first read shows hoteliers how to take advantage of chatbot systems to better understand their guests and sell more services to them. It's a well known fact that millennials are a huge market for the hospitality industry. However, it's not as easy to capture this segment by using run-of-the-mill marketing tactics. As millennials have grown up with the Internet, it's crucial to identify the characteristics that set them apart from other generations in order to meet their technological standards. Hotelogix, a SnapShot partner, breaks down the steps to catering to millennials in five ways in our second read. Speaking of millennials, our final read shows how the power of millennials has affected the travel industry through social media. Since 2013, Instagram usage has grown by 375% in relation to travel. If you're not already on Instagram, perhaps you should consider it given the social media platform's newest update that allows businesses to add action buttons for users to reserve, book, or purchase items without exiting the app. If we haven't been able to convince you of the power of technology in the hospitality industry, perhaps that statistic alone will change your mind!

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Three Lessons On How Chatbots Can Become More Than Just Talk But Revenue Drivers

This year’s buzzwords might be blockchain and (still) mobile, but it hasn’t been so long since ‘chatbots’ were the mot du jour. Buzzword no more, chatbots have now worked their way across industries, automating and often augmenting the customer service experience. In hospitality, chatbots have had similar effect as the traditional concierge can now be embodied in an in-room smart device, letting guests communicate their needs and requests with a few quick taps on a screen. However, the value of chatbot technology extends beyond improved customer service.

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5 Things You Can Do To Attract Millennials To Your Hotel

The vast millennial population makes them a major target group for all businesses. As a generation, they are more well-travelled and adventurous than the previous generation. So, to attract millennials to your hotel, you must understand their unique persona. This would help you to cater to their demands, too.

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Study: Millennial Travelers' Instagram Use Has Grown 375% Since 2013

Seventy percent of American travelers are on social media at least once a day, spending an average of 82 minutes, while 83% of millennial travelers access social media once a day at minimum, averaging 113 minutes, according to travel marketing organization MMGY Global’s “Portrait of American Travelers 2018-19” provided to Marketing Dive. Among travelers on social media, 46% are active on Instagram, a 350% increase since 2013, and 60% of millennial travelers use the platform, a 375% increase from 2013.

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