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Data Snaps - Team up for the tech move

September 6, 2019
Kristina S.Park

As technology continues to infiltrate more and more aspects of the hospitality industry, the technological advancements can be seen and felt throughout the hotels and hospitality organizations. Thanks to the hospitality technology pioneers and advocates, technology within hospitality has come a long way since it was first introduced to the industry. However, there is still much more room for tech to grow in hospitality!  With today’s advancements in machine learning and data intelligence, hotel tech tools have become more complex, but there is still a bit of work to be done when determining which tools to put in your technology deck.

First off, technology products need to be able to integrate with other tools in order to unlock the full potential of the technology. We’ve said it again and again how open APIs will lead the way to increased integrations, but partnerships and acquisitions also make major differences in bringing the industry closer together. For instance, Vacasa, a vacation rental management platform, recently partnered with Google, who has been extremely committed to growing its position in hospitality tech, according to this article. The partnership allows travelers using the Google travel engine to be directed to Vacasa vacation home listings through a direct API integration with Google. Not all partnerships need to be strictly tech related to make advantageous changes in the industry., Skyscanner, Ctrip, and TripAdvisor recently announced their new Travalyst project to improve sustainable tourism, as seen here. The project will attempt to protect wildlife and tackle climate change, environmental damage and overtourism through data collected from the four online travel platforms. Another example of companies working together to improve technology across the industry is the new voice search capability for EasyJet’s app, as mentioned here. Using the tool “Speak Now” created by Travelport through Google Cloud’s Dialogflow technology, EasyJet will soon be implementing the voice search function into it’s app. If that’s not technology working together to improve customer service in hospitality, then I don’t know what is!

09.06.2019 Data Science Cheat Sheet

While technology is changing businesses across all industries, going through a digital transformation is a lot more complex than imagined. According to this article, a digital transformation occurs in attempts to drive customer engagement through an enhanced digital customer experience (CX).

In hospitality, the industry of service, creating a great customer experience for the guest is the ultimate goal of any hotel. As guests heighten their expectations, brands must create improved digital experiences to meet their standards. How can hotels better understand their guests’ needs and provide improved technology advancements? Data. We stress over and over again, here at SnapShot, the importance of data and how hotels must establish a data strategy through data management tools or a team of data scientists. In this article, the author provides a detailed “cheat sheet” on everything a data scientist should know about data management. According to the article, nearly 80% of enterprise data today is unstructured data, which is where data technology tools come in and help industries handle the incredible growing volume of data today.

Janel RightRevenue Webinar

It’s safe to say that hotel technology tools have revolutionized the way hotel operations and practices occur. From introducing the first legacy PMS systems to payment methods in outlets, technology has changed the way hospitality organizations conduct their business. Among all of the advancements made in the industry from the introduction of technology, revenue management has by far been affected the most. Revenue management tools continue to develop and change with the industry. With all of the changes, it’s hard to keep up with the most up-to-date tactics for providing your hotel with the best revenue management strategies. We’ve got you covered! Join our Head of Education Janel Clark in Right Revenue's webinar, “Top Revenue Tips You Can Apply To Your Business Today.” Alongside Jane Pendlebury, CEO at HOSPA and Ciaran Brazil, Sales and Marketing Manager at The Killeshin Hotel, she will be providing a wide-range of revenue management knowledge and essential insights on September 10, 11:00 am GMT. Don’t miss out on this opportunity to improve your revenue management strategy and register here now!