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02.06.17 Weekly Reads

June 6, 2017
Marina Mitrashov

Let’s kick June off with some great reads! The Expedia Media Solutions survey reveals that web deals are a top inspiration for travelers across all generations, much more than celebrities. We also take a look at the top 10 hotel brands in the USA and see how Sweden and Airbnb are collaborating in order to attract American travelers. Finally, we share Google's insights on mobile versus desktop usage that every marketer should read.

Web Deals Miles Ahead of Celebrity Endorsements for Travel Inspiration


Expedia Media Solutions surveyed 3,000 European travelers about various travel buying habits and found that 47% were influenced by deals or promotions, with the over-55s (boomers) coming in at 55%. The figure exceeds by far that of celebrity-led support for a product or destination, which inspired just 12% of Gen-Z or millennials and a sorry 3% of boomers.

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Top 10 Hotel Brands in the United State


Let's take a look at the 10 brands that have the most hotel construction projects in their American pipelines.

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Airbnb’s Latest Role Is Destination Marketing for Sweden


Visit Sweden, the country’s national tourism board, recently approached Airbnb about working together to tout the country’s natural wonders in a joint campaign that’s aimed at increasing interest from the U.S. market.

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Latest Mobile Trends Show How People Use Their Devices


In a mobile-first world, people expect answers at their fingertips. They turn to the nearest device to make a decision, learn something new, or get something accomplished. Connecting the dots between these micro-moments is necessary for marketers to tell a single story across devices, channels, and formats. Here are new cross-device insights to help you build a strong mobile strategy.

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