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Hospitality Security Strategies Through Social Media, Facebook Tells Travel Sector to Go Mobile, and Interconnectivity in Hotel Technology

May 24, 2018
Kristina S.Park

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In a world where push notifications and message alerts are popping up on our phones and computers at every second, minute, and hour of the day, it's safe to say that we are continuously connected to the happenings all around the globe through technology. When it comes to the hospitality industry, it is crucial for a hotel to be just as connected. Hotels must be aware of any breaking news in order to ensure the safety of its guests, employees, and property. The first read demonstrates how hotels are now integrating social media data to gather information and improve their security operations with more immediate responses. Not only do hotels need to be connected for security reasons, but also for marketing purposes as well. In our second read, Facebook encourages the travel industry to prioritize mobile strategies to reach more guests as more than two billion messages are being exchanged between brands and people each month. With consumers spending more and more time on mobile, hotels should consider focusing on mobile to drive business growth. While technology is clearly essential for advancement in the hotel industry, there is still a technology deficit in the sector and the need for more interconnectivity within the market. The third article highlights the importance of integrations between hotel technology providers and how working together can improve innovation, efficiency, and profitability for the industry overall.

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Shifting Security Operations Strategies in the Social Media Era

In an increasingly interconnected and unpredictable world, news happens often and travels quickly. The rise of social media carries and amplifies these events, a phenomenon that has impacted every industry, company and culture. Hospitality is no stranger to social media’s impact, and the industry is experiencing a significant transformation because of it. Modern hospitality companies are integrating social media data into their information gathering processes.

Hotel Social Media Operations Security Hospitality Data Platform

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Phocuswright Europe: Facebook Tells Travel Sector to Be More Aggressive on Mobile

The travel sector must be more aggressive on mobile which has fragmented the customer journey, Facebook told last week Phocuswright Europe conference in Amsterdam. Nikhilesh Ponde, the social media giant’s head of global travel strategies, said while travel as a sector has adapted well to the digital age it faces challenges.

Hotel Phocuswright Europe Mobile Hospitality Data Platform

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Hotel Technology’s Paradigm Shift: The Age of Interconnectivity

The hotel industry has long retained the unfortunate stigma of an innovation laggard. Hotels today face a massive technology deficit caused in large part by the bloated and fragmented systems required to stay competitive in today’s hotel market.

Hotel Interconnectivity Hospitality Data Platform

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