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SnapShot Team Growing in 2015 - SnapShot

March 13, 2015
Snapshot team
SnapShot Team Growing in 2015 - SnapShot

For us, 2015 has started with welcoming new team members to our growing SnapShot family. The family continues to spread geographically (we now have “SnapShotters” in six different European cities!), ethnically (12 nationalities – American, Austrian, Canadian, Dutch, French, German, Korean, Latvian, Polish, Scottish, Swedish and Swiss) and intellectually – each person joining new is bringing in unique experience, knowledge and perspective. We are thrilled to be working in such a great team!

Each of the four new additions to the team come from different backgrounds and had different reasons for joining SnapShot.

Brendan May has joined SnapShot as VP Strategy. Brendan has an extensive experience in strategic Revenue Management, Distribution and Consulting having worked for multiple years in IDeaS and h2c consulting, as well as providing business coaching services to technology startups. During his sabbatical last year Brendan had spent time researching content for a series of free hands-on Revenue Management video series “Murphy’s Law of Hotels”. At SnapShot Brendan is responsible for long-term business planning and managing data partnerships.

Stephen Burke has joined SnapShot as VP Technology. Stephen has a long history of working in the IT sector of the travel industry. He has successfully completed over a 100 travel industry integration projects, with companies such as HBSi (channel management and distribution), Knowcross (guest services and guest interaction), Taxeo (business travel VAT reclaim) and eRevMax channel management. Stephen is an expert in integration, and has been active in such hospitality technology organizations such as HTNG, OpenTravel and HEDNA. Stephen brings experience in innovative technology application, and invaluable startup development experience to SnapShot. Stephen is responsible for direct management of the software development process, as well as technologies that support the business operations.

Our London-based Regina Pak has an extensive experience in the hospitality industry, having worked for companies such as, Orbitz Worldwide and the Landmark London amongst others. Coming from Sweden with Korean roots, family in America and living in London herself, Regina was looking for a company which would be as international and as open-minded as she is herself. Well, we are glad that she came across SnapShot. Regina will be supporting the team as the UK Market Manager.

While doing his Master in International Hospitality Industry, Thibault Hillmeyer attended the SnapShot Demand Management bootcamp in ESSEC, Paris last year. Being amazed to see how the different disciplines he had been studying were tying in all together, the choice of a company to join after his studies became clear. Being a **Demand Manager** working in our Support team, Thibault now gets to live the Demand Management ideology in his daily life.

We all look forward to jointly bringing SnapShot to the next level and are happy to have all this additional expertise on board!

Snapshot of SnapShot’s Team – Reunion in Berlin

Snapshot of SnapShot’s Team – Reunion in Berlin

From left to right: David Turnbull, Margitte Verkruijsse-Reiner, Brendan May, Malte Herich, Thibault Hillmeyer, Michael Esser, Michael Heinze, Sylvia Frosch, Stephen Burke, Regina Pak, Darja Gogunova, Linda Girrbach.