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SnapShot releases point-of-sale (POS) system feature for analytics solutions

March 5, 2019
Snapshot team
SnapShot releases point-of-sale (POS) system feature for analytics solutions

Berlin, Germany, March 5, 2019 - SnapShot is excited to announce its latest addition to its range of data analytics solutions - the point-of-sale (POS) system data analysis tool.

SnapShot analytics users can now benefit from both PMS and POS analysis to breakdown individual performance and revenue of hotels and its various outlets. The newly integrated POS overview allows users to track POS performance per outlet, average check, covers, meal periods, and more for hotel outlets, including retail shops, restaurants, spa, etc.

With all main KPIs for POS displayed on one dashboard, properties can drill down into performance details like payment, check and discount reports to make informed business decisions based on analysis from real data. The POS Analytics also includes the ability to oversee employees’ sales performance, low revenue-generating tables, and top selling items per outlet. Like AnalyticsPro, the POS Analytics can generate instant, customized reports for users’ specific needs, with filters such as revenue, payment, cover, and check.

Initially launching the POS Analytics with Infrasys, SnapShot will expand the number of POS integrations over the next two quarters. Infrasys, a Shiji Group brand, specializes in providing enterprise level cloud POS solutions for food and beverage organizations around the world.

“We are very eager to announce our POS analysis feature to provide our users with even more analytical data, on top of their PMS solutions,” said Carson Booth, SnapShot’s CEO. “We look forward to expanding our existing POS partnership to additional systems in the near future to allow hotels using different POS to benefit from our solutions.”

About SnapShot

Founded in 2012 with the vision to build hospitality's premier data platform independent of any brand or software provider, SnapShot is now one of the largest hospitality data processors in the world, managing transactional data of over 6,000 independent and branded hotels worldwide, with over 45 different connected PMS systems, and growing. With the release of the Hospitality Data Platform, SnapShot enters its third phase, which brings forward its founding vision: a secure data platform, visualization capabilities, and marketplace.

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