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SnapShot Proudly Presents its Fourth Pillar: Education

September 17, 2018
Snapshot team
SnapShot Proudly Presents its Fourth Pillar: Education

Berlin, Germany, September 17, 2018 – SnapShot proudly presents its fourth pillar: Education

Hospitality is a data-driven industry. Data is slowly being recognized as an unrivalled asset with limitless potential.  SnapShot Education’s mission is to help the industry understand the value of harmonized data and its critical nature in decision making.

“To improve operational performance, we need to embrace and invest in technology, and invest in training for our people to help the industry understand how to use and the value of business intelligence and analytics and the underlying value of data as well.” said Janel Clark, SnapShot’s Head of Education.

SnapShot Education forms the 4th pillar for SnapShot alongside Data Platform, Analytics and Visualization, and our API and Marketplace.

About SnapShot

Founded in 2012 with the vision to build hospitality's premier data platform independent of any brand or software provider, SnapShot is now one of the largest hospitality data processors in the world, managing transactional data of over 6,000 independent and branded hotels worldwide, with over 45 different connected PMS systems, and growing. With the release of the Hospitality Data Platform, SnapShot enters its third phase, which brings forward its founding vision: a secure data platform, visualization capabilities, and marketplace.

SnapShot On Demand brings in-depth data intelligence for hospitality management companies with a unique data warehouse-as-a-service offering. Bringing together all data enables actionable insights across multiple properties, regions and various systems, all accessible through custom reporting or dedicated API access, and integrated into your business intelligence tools like Tableau or those available through SnapShot Marketplace.

Snapshot Marketplace offers a wide range of applications from SnapShot and third party developers. These include comprehensive hospitality data analytics, easy-to-use budget control tools and user-centric hospitality communication/messaging services.

Visit our website to learn more about SnapShot Education.