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SnapShot Partners with HiRUM Software Solutions to Provide Advanced Analytics to Hotels in Australia

June 20, 2018
Snapshot team
SnapShot Partners with HiRUM Software Solutions to Provide Advanced Analytics to Hotels in Australia

Berlin, Germany, June 20, 2018 – SnapShot, the hospitality industry's first and largest independent data platform, announced its latest partnership today with Australian property management system provider, HiRUM Software Solutions.

Clients who use HiRUM’s PMS solutions now have a one-month free trial of SnapShot’s analytics and visualization solutions, Analytics Pro, which includes an all-inclusive dashboard and advanced functionality of leveraged data, as well as SnapShot's most popular applications: On Demand Reporting, OTA Commission Tracker, Alert Me, Forecast & Budget, and Pick Up Pro. During the free trial, hotels can easily switch to SnapShot’s completely free analytics dashboard, which aggregates and visualizes pricing, benchmarking, and PMS data, in addition to guest reviews, social media statistics, Google Analytics, and more.

HiRUM PMS solutions users can also take advantage of the SnapShot Marketplace ecosystem for additional pre-integrated applications to further enhance their businesses and gain even more insights to better run day-to-day hotel operations. The platform allows hoteliers to pick and choose additional tools to have one completely customizable software stack for their hotel needs.

“Enquiries from around the globe show our apps are being received as the leading next-gen technology tool for hotels globally,” said Sylvia Johnston, Senior Executive of HiRUM Australasia. “We feel partnering with SnapShot will enable hotels to access best of breed technology sooner,” she added.

“As each app has been released to market, the level of enquiry continues to surpass expectations and we are excited to see what evolves through our partnership with SnapShot,” she said.

“With the growing hospitality industry in Australia, we are excited for the partnership with HiRUM Software Solutions as it will create new relationships for SnapShot in the surrounding Asia Pacific region,” said SnapShot’s co-founder David Turnbull. “We are eager to share SnapShot’s leading hospitality technology and data analytics solutions with HiRUM’s customers to help strengthen their hotel business and allow hoteliers to make insightful decisions,” he continued.

If you are a HiRUM customer, activate your SnapShot Analytics dashboard and start your one-month free trial of Analytics Pro now.

To find out more about SnapShot Analytics Pro, please visit the website.

About HiRUM Software Solutions

HiRUM has been in business for over 20 years, creating state of the art PMS solutions, long before the modern age of computing we have now. Over this time HiRUM has focused on developing a seamless end to end solution for everything hospitality. Our technology stack incorporates a robust PMS, Channel Manager, Booking Engine, Website Design & Development AND a comprehensive suite of Mobile Apps. These apps consist of HiRUM Front Desk, Asset, Maintain and Housekeeping, ensuring Hoteliers have everything they need in the palm of their hand.

About SnapShot

Founded in 2012 with the vision to build hospitality's premier data platform independent of any brand or software provider, SnapShot is now one of the largest hospitality data processors in the world, managing transactional data of over 6,000 independent and branded hotels worldwide, with over 45 different connected PMS systems, and growing. With the release of the Hospitality Data Platform, SnapShot enters its third phase, which brings forward its founding vision: a secure data platform, visualization capabilities, and marketplace.

The Snapshot Marketplace offers a wide range of applications from Snapshot and third-party developers. These include comprehensive hotel data analytics, easy-to-use budget control tools and a user-centric hotel communication/messaging service.

Acting as a hub for application developers needing to access and work with hotel data for applications and hotels needing secure, integrated applications, SnapShot is a unique resource in the industry, allowing a fast and efficient access to technology for hotels, and a rapid and secure access to hotel data for developers. To find out more, visit