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SnapShot Attends HITEC 2016

July 7, 2016
Snapshot team
SnapShot Attends HITEC 2016

Last month SnapShot CEO Stefan Tweraser and COO David Turnbull, hopped the pond to HITEC 2016 in New Orleans to catch the latest trends in hotel tech and connect with other industry leaders. After our recent successes in Europe, Stefan and David went to HITEC to widen SnapShot's focus on partnerships with smaller PMS providers. Here is our recap of HITEC and our initial reactions to this major hotel tech event.


One key mission for us at HITEC 2016 was to share SnapShot Analytics with PMS providers based in the US as a free business intelligence tool that can be set immediately atop PMS data. And with thousands of European hotels already using SnapShot Analytics, engaging management groups and PMS providers is our obvious next step. While there, Stefan talked with the media at HITEC about the key takeaways for PMS providers and our mission:

  • Offering a free BI tool which gives PMS providers a competitive advantage and helps them save development cost
  • Allowing them to putt their brand and data in front of decision makers (who rarely log-in to the PMS)
  • By making their product more relevant in day-to-day decision making in the hotel
  • By providing joint marketing and sales opportunities
  • And by suggesting ideas for future joint business development and revenue sharing

Stefan was also quoted on his reactions to HITEC overall, and on how PMS companies were duly impressed with our new product:

“Hitec 2016 has been an exciting event for Snapshot. After having signed up more than 1000 hotels in Europe in just four months, we made first cautious steps into the US market and the feedback has been phenomenal. At Hitec we have been able to meet numerous mostly US-based hotel tech companies - their feedback to Snapshot Analytics and potential cooperation in the US market has been very encouraging.”

SnapShot’s COO and co-founder David Turnbull expressed his opinions on how well organized and orchestrated HITEC 2016 was. David and Stefan connected with 30+ PMS providers and hospitality brands over the two-and-a-half days. David also mentioned to hospitality media at HITEC, that SnapShot is “globally available but US ready," given the tool’s current key data sources: STR, TripAdvisor, Google, Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.


SnapShot CEO Stefan Tweraser, StayNTouch CEO Jos Scaap, and SnapShot COO David Turnbull

Other HITEC 2016 highlights including; conference boot camps on digital strategy, the super sessions on the evolution of hospitality tech professionals, and the opening keynote by Jer Throp of the Office of Creative Research.

Stefan, David, and the SnapShot team are definitely looking forward to HITEC 2017 next year. Until then!

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