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SnapShot Analytics is Now Available to Bay Lakes Customers

April 19, 2017
Snapshot team
SnapShot Analytics is Now Available to Bay Lakes Customers

Berlin, Germany - April 19, 2017 - SnapShot, provider of fully integrated applications for the hospitality industry, is proud to announce that SnapShot Analytics is now available to the clients of Bay Lakes Information Systems, an industry leader in property management software.

SnapShot Analytics is a powerful tool that monitors and interprets hotel performance. Users of Lodgical Solution, Bay Lakes’ flagship property management system, who add SnapShot Analytics, will be able to view and share information about their property in new ways. SnapShot Analytics aggregates data from Lodgical Solution, pricing and benchmarking data, TripAdvisor, Google Analytics and social media. This data, updated daily, is conveniently presented on a single dashboard.

SnapShot Analytics is part of the fleet of apps that make up SnapShot Marketplace, a hub of cutting edge tools to better manage day-to-day and longer-term operations for single and multi-property companies. As the apps are fully integrated, hoteliers can start collecting valuable information as soon as they sign up for their chosen products.

“We have worked hard, together with Bay Lakes, to provide North American hoteliers the latest in hotel tech,” says David Turnbull, co-founder of SnapShot. “We look forward to welcoming hoteliers to our platform and helping them seamlessly gather the information they need to improve guest experience and boost revenue.”

Bay Lakes Information Systems has over 30 years of experience in creating property management software for hotels in the United States and North America. Bay Lakes’ solutions are tailored to hotels of all sizes, from single properties to larger corporations.

“Property managers use a variety of reports from Lodgical Solution, as well as data from other applications, to make timely marketing decisions about their properties,” said Greg Swain, the founder and president of Bay Lakes Information Systems. “This strategic partnership with SnapShot allows managers to look at a single dashboard that conveniently combines data from multiple sources. Analytics that used to take hours to accumulate are now available at a click of a button.”

If you are a Bay Lakes customer, activate your SnapShot Analytics dashboard now.

To find out more about SnapShot Analytics, please visit the website.

About SnapShot

Founded in 2013 in Zell-am-See, Austria, SnapShot is a hotel data company and marketplace for hotel applications, with offices in Europe, Asia Pacific and the United States. In the last 12 months, SnapShot has signed more than 3,000 hotels to its platform, as well as 40+ data partners.

The Snapshot Marketplace offers a wide range of applications from Snapshot and third party developers. These include comprehensive hotel data analytics, easy-to-use budget control tools and a user-centric hotel communication/messaging service.

Acting as a hub for application developers needing to access and work with hotel data for applications and hotels needing secure, integrated applications, SnapShot is a unique resource in the industry, allowing a fast and efficient access to technology for hotels, and a rapid and secure access to hotel data for developers. To find out more, visit

About Bay Lakes Information Systems

Bay Lakes Information Systems is an industry leader in providing property management software built by the people who use it. Founded in 1984, Bay Lakes has a long history of working closely with property managers and incorporating their suggestions to create better software.

Bay Lakes’ products include the Lodgical Solution property management software, software packages for point of sale, payment processing and room tax filing, and the InnLine visitor information portal. Bay Lakes’ clients include hotels, hotel condominiums, vacation rentals, timeshares, campgrounds and marinas across the United States and North America.

For more information, visit