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Shiji Increases Commitment to SnapShot, Acquires Founders Shares

July 4, 2018
Snapshot team
Shiji Increases Commitment to SnapShot, Acquires Founders Shares

BERLIN, July 4, 2018 - Changes to SnapShot’s company shareholder structure announced as Shiji increases commitment to SnapShot vision of a hospitality data platform.

Based on the positive results of the company and recognizing its future potential, Shiji has acquired the shares of the company’s founders.

In 2013, a data platform for the hospitality industry was the vision of the company’s two founders, David Turnbull and Michael Heinze. Since then and through several product iterations, this vision has materialized into what is now one of the largest data platforms in hospitality.

By increasing its ownership, Shiji is doubling down on making SnapShot an industry-wide and commercial success.

“Our original investment into SnapShot was based on the aligned vision of the founders and Shiji’s vision for creating platforms that will transform technology in hospitality.” said Kevin King, COO of the Shiji Group, “SnapShot has delivered on this vision and we’re looking forward to its deployment with the new executive team.”

Shiji would like to thank the founders and congratulate them for their exceptional work in creating a revolutionary system pushing the hotel technology industry forward. SnapShot executive team led by the recently appointed CEO, Carson Booth, will continue its course deploying the Data Platform to thousands of hotels around the world.