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Our Team: Revenue Management Certified - SnapShot

October 5, 2015
Snapshot team
Our Team: Revenue Management Certified - SnapShot

When it comes to Revenue Management, it’s good to know that the people you work with know their stuff. Well, we’re glad to say we’re officially certified in knowing our stuff! Last week five SnapShotters received their HSMAI Revenue Management Certification (also known as the CRME). A hearty round of applause to:

Julia Dalmadi - Customer Experience Analyst
Malte Herich - Customer Experience Analyst
David Turnbull – Chief Operating Officer
Linda Girrbach - Demand Management Consultant
Sylvia Frosch - Demand Management Consultant

The event was hosted by our neighbors and cohorts, 25hours Bikini Berlin, where we were joined by several members of the 25hours revenue management team. Malte, one of our SnapShot Customer Experience Analyst to receive the certification remarked, “It was a great experience to see everything we’ve learned here at SnapShot and from HSMAI put to the test, and passed. It’s a great feeling.”

The CRME certification further ensures SnapShot is able to provide hotels with skilled insight and advanced, actionable support. SnapShot COO, David Turnbull commented;

“We are delighted to have our first wave of analysts and consultants certified in Revenue Management by HSMAI Europe. We look forward to sending more of our team in the coming months to achieve certification, and highly encourage other hotels and industry suppliers to gain certification and encourage best practice.”

As the SnapShot team grows at an exciting clip, it’s fantastic to have our customer-facing teams certified in revenue management.