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Weekly Reads 31.08.2017

August 31, 2017
Marina Mitrashov

Here are my top picks for this week’s reads as we say goodbye to August and hello to September. Kicking off our weekly reads is an interview with SnapShot’s co-founder and COO, David Turnbull, on how great guest experiences begin with data.

Then check out an important article on 6 steps to responding to negative online reviews, followed by insights from Think with Google on fine tuning your marketing measurement strategy. And finally, the news that took the travel industry by storm, Expedia CEO Dara Khosrowshahi has accepted the job as Uber’s CEO - learn what it means for both companies.

Happy reading !


Great Guest Experiences Begin with Data

Our co-founder and COO, David Turnbull shared his thoughts on how great guest experiences begin with data. “The aim is to remove some of the issues of running a property and business and instead focus on connecting with the guest, making communications with guests pleasurable, not painful,” he said.

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6 Steps to Respond to Negative Online Reviews - From a Legal Perspective

The digital economy has been built on ratings and reviews to enable people to 'window shop' online. However, it only takes one disgruntled former client or customer to ruin a good reputation by posting a negative review, no matter how false or misleading that review might be. Here are 6 strategies designed to help minimize damage and avoid costly legal proceedings according to Alyssa Antcliffe.

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Three ways travel marketers can fine-tune their measurement strategy

Today’s travelers crave memorable experiences and deeper engagement with brands. 69% of travelers are more loyal to a travel company that personalizes their experiences online and offline. To deliver a cohesive experience across multiple channels and media, marketers need to think holistically about measurement, with a focus on overall customer value.

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Uber’s New CEO Is Expedia CEO Dara Khosrowshahi

Expedia CEO Dara Khosrowshahi has accepted the job as Uber’s CEO, taking the place of Travis Kalanick who was removed last month after a long series of scandals and ethical concerns. Over the last two decades, in various roles, Khosrowshahi has overseen the growth of Expedia and its numerous brands.

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