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Data Snaps - Is AI the new buzzword?

June 28, 2019
Kristina S.Park

With HITEC Minneapolis behind us now, there has been a lot of follow-up buzz from the hospitality technology conference. As always, the industry is looking forward and seeing which technology will pave the way for the future of innovation. Key takeaways?

The pace of change will determine the future of the industry and as we’ve mentioned time and time again, AI and data will power this change. As seen in this article, rather than seeing a technological revolution in the hospitality industry, the sheer rapid pace of change in innovation will transform the industry instead. Additionally, the major changes in technology will lie in cognitive technology where technology meets humanity. As we’ve mentioned before, AI and machine learning have already arrived in our industry, but finding the perfect balance between the new technology and real-life human interactions will determine the success of each hotel. In this article, it is suggested that the best use of AI in hotels is in what’s not seen by the guests. AI can be used to improve a property’s operations and the overall guest experience without the guests seeing the behind-the-scenes work. However, the need for human interpretation of data and decision making strategies will still be needed, no matter how much AI tools are installed. (Phew!)

Are you able to crack the case

Don’t believe us? We’ve started a new series called, “Crack the Case” to show you real-life examples of how to use data analytics to solve problems you may face in operating your hotel. This month’s mystery shows you how to increase your revenue by analyzing your pick ups.

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“The General Manager has observed that revenue dropped by 28% in comparison to the previous period. After the cost of various marketing campaigns and additional investments in the hotel's service and facilities - the revenue drop was the least expected outcome. What a disaster for the hotel. Luckily, the hotel is using the advanced analytics solution - AnalyticsPro - and can now fix the situation within a couple of minutes…”

Continue reading on our blog to see what the General Manager does to fix the situation and solve the mystery of the missing pick ups!

Hospitality Pro Quiz Picture-1

If that isn’t enough fun for you, we’ve created our second Hospitality Quiz to help you test your hospitality knowledge! Take our short quiz with recent industry statistics and key terms to see if you have what it takes to pass the test and whether or not you have the right to call yourself a hospitality data enthusiast. Not to brag, but I scored 9/9...think you can beat me?