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Data Snaps - The Future of Your Data

September 27, 2019
Nikita Matharu

As the world turns its focus on encouraging charge, thinking of the future and being resourceful, we’d like to follow in footsteps and highlight the change that is coming to hospitality in terms of Education, Data and Customer reviews.

With the growing demand for AI, Robotics, Data Analytics within hospitality, educational systems must restructure to match the demands of the industry. The change requires to start from the roots. Hospitality is morphing into a space that embraces more and more technology from robotic concierges to mobile phones being used as room keys. Thus, experience in working with advanced technologies, artificial intelligence, data optimization software are being highly sorted after. Educational institutes must include this within their curriculums. Traditional classroom-based learning does not promote the skills that the industry demands. Although soft skills are paramount in the “people business” of hospitality, the hard skill of being a competent data native is rivalling this. Educational institutes such as EHL have been quick to embrace change by incorporating a virtual reality course in housekeeping and virtual personal assistant system as this article states, equipping their students to be a hospitality manager of the future.

Speaking of embracing technologies, this article says that Blockchain should be incorporated and normalized within the hospitality. Adding business logic to Blockchain and incorporating it in hospitality organization’s daily operations surges business efficiency as seen with Blockskye and Airlines Reporting Company that successfully used Blockchain technology to facilitate reporting and settle of airline tickets, it effectively identified and settled all transaction modifications through smart contracts.

data waste@3x

With the world focusing on “going green”, there is no exception for hospitality to do the same. The likes of big players such as Hilton, Marriott and AccorHotels, starting the movement of removing plastic straws from their properties, now it’s time to turn attention to data. Data is generated and collected by all team members in a hotel from the concierge to the general manager. Without proper recognition data can go to waste, losing major opportunities and revenue generating potentials. However, it takes much more than simply acknowledging the presence of data to prevent losing valuable revenue sources.

We’ve listed down a few vital tips in order for you to “go green” with your data and save your business environment in this article.

Moving with the “Going Green” theme, it’s a massive influence amongst Generation Z travels when looking for a hotel. Generation Z seek hotels being mindful about the environment and look for eco-friendly hotels, as mentioned in this article. Although it's difficult to transform your hotel immediately to be green, there are profits to be made from Generation Z when advertising any green initiatives that are in place or planned across your social media platforms.

09.27.2019 Online reviews are the second best feedback source

Hotel sales are at the forefront of hoteliers minds, and so it should be! Current hotel guests are a profitable pool to surge hotel sales. There are many in-house ways to upsell and hotel staff are a fantastic asset at doing so, but in order to maximize, the right technology must be implemented. Guests need to be aware of all experiences available to them and have readily access to this information. For example, when a guest comes to your hotel, their first experience will be check-in. It is imperative that this process is modern, seamless and quick. This can be achieved with technologies such as Self Check-In. The key is to have proper implementation of the right technologies to give a unique and modern experience to boast guest satisfaction and drive sales, without overcomplicating processes as stated in this article.

Aside from technology, forming a personal relationship with your client in-personal is very important when it comes to reviews. Although TripAdvisor holds great significance, the best feedback stems from face-to-face feedback. This article points out that general managers that operate with the approach to interact with guests and ask guests how their stay was significantly correlated with the return rate of their guests.