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ITB, Booking vs. Airbnb & Rate Visibility on Google

March 9, 2018
Denis Fortmann

ITB 2018 is in full swing! We hope it has been successful for you so far. Did you pick up all the news about the latest travel and tech trends in the industry? If not, we got you covered in our weekly reads.

ITB 2018: World´s Largest Tourism Trade Show Opens In Berlin

Travel bans, terror threats and political unrest haven't deterred holidaymakers — world tourism is booming. As the annual ITB trade show kicks off, 10,000 travel companies have gathered to broaden their horizons.

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Read on Wants To Win Private Accomodation But Won´t Mimic Airbnb

What a difference a few weeks can make - Airbnb was once a big threat to hotels, yet now all the attention is on its emergence as a competitor to online travel agencies. It's not a new segment to the company, explains, but there is a lot of demand from its user base for the fast-growing segment of private accommodation.

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Has Google Made the Lowest Hotel Rates Harder to Find?

In a private meeting Tuesday at its Berlin office, Google told some commercial partners that it would change how it treated the biggest hotel discounts in its advertising-driven, price-comparison hotel search, according to a source. Since at least Tuesday, Google has been more frequently “burying” the lowest hotel rates from smaller advertisers in its search results.

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