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How Hotel Owners Can Fight Back Against Charge-backs

October 4, 2017
Marina Mitrashov

In this week’s reads I wanted to focus on out of the box ideas to increase your hotel’s revenue. Leveraging local events is a great way to boost your hotel's revenue, and Netaffintity offers 6 ways to use events to increase your bottom line.

Another thing to consider is fighting back against Chargebacks. Robert Harrow brings you the how-to guide. Then we'll explore how uses emotions to encourage customers to book and how you can implement similar triggers on your website.

And finally, we'll finish off with a new study by the University of Denver that is shattering the belief that Airbnb has a negative impact on hotels.

6 Ways to Use Events to Increase Your Bottom Line


Wherever your hotel is based, local events are taking place all the time. They could be a vehicle for new revenue if used in the right way. Events could come in the form of a big football match, concerts, or on a smaller scale like local festival or community event. Learn how you can leverage these events when they come to town.

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How Hotel Owners Can Fight Back Against Chargebacks


Chargebacks can be quite costly. When a customer reverses a charge on their card, not only are you slapped with a $25 fee but you may have also lost revenue for a particular room if no one else books it in time. If your property becomes a hotspot for fraud-related chargebacks, you may even run the risk of losing the privilege of accepting card payments.

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How Uses Stress to Rush Your Decisions

booking-logo-770-1.jpg excels at emotional targeting to urge you to book the deal as fast as you can. Here is a deep look into the different ways manipulates its users to close the deal.

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Can Airbnb Help Hotels Increase Revenue?


The supply of Airbnb listings in a market brings down a hotel's revenue per available room (RevPAR) performance, confirming Airbnb's negative impact on hotels.
However, the price difference between a hotel and the Airbnb listings and price dispersion within Airbnb listings are positively related to a hotel's RevPAR performance.

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How Much Do you Really Pay To OTA's?


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