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Do you sell or use hotel data for third parties?

No. Your data belongs to your hotel. We will not share your data with anyone unless specifically requested by your hotel. Snapshot follows strict organizational and access controls, following international security standards to tightly control, monitor, and log access to customer data.

Is my data safe?

Yes. Your data security is paramount not only to your business but also to ours, so we encrypt all data transfers in and out of the platform, as well as data shared with users during user sessions, meeting the stringent requirements for European data security.

What size hotels can use SnapShot Analytics?

Hotel size doesn’t matter, either. Whether you have five rooms or five-hundred, SnapShot is scalable to suit whatever size operation you have.

Who can use SnapShot Analytics?

Hoteliers, General Managers, Revenue Managers, Sales Managers, and Social Media Managers love SnapShot Analytics for its ease of use and powerful analytics tools. Just about anyone in or working with a hotel organization can use SnapShot Analytics.

What can I do with SnapShot Analytics?

What can’t you do with SnapShot Analytics? Well, you can’t play Pong in it (yet), but you can track revenue, pick-up, website traffic, rate variations in your competitor set, and social follower trends before your morning coffee is done brewing.

How does it work?

Think of SnapShot Analytics as a digital dashboard for your hotel. From revPAR to ADR, and much more, Analytics has you covered. SnapShot Analytics aggregates data from various sources like your PMS system, STR, OTA Expert, Trip Advisor, Google Analytics, and social media. When you log in, this information is immediately available, organized to show what is most important to you, when you need it.

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Data & Analytics


What is “structured” data?

Structured data is information which is stored and labelled in a pre-defined way. For example, reservations, guests or arrival and departure dates are structured bits of information that are easier to retrieve and analyze than unstructured data.

What is “unstructured” data?

Unstructured data is data that isn’t set in a pre-defined manner. For example, customer reviews on Trip Advisor contain a lot of data, yet this data is not immediately organized for analytical purposes. Though it’s harder to access, it can still provide valuable insight into your hotel.

What about “small” data?

Hotel analytics often contains “Small Data.” Though this category is not as buzzed about as Big Data, it’s very valuable to businesses. Small Data is a more manageable amount of data that has specific attributes. This data is often highly-actionable data that is cultivated from much larger sets of data.

What is “big” data?

Some of the data in hotel analytics is commonly referred to as “Big Data.” Big Data is a very large set of data that, through analysis, can reveal trends. Often big data refers to external data that isn’t generated by your hotel. Examples might be weather, traffic, mentions on social media, and other sources.

What can I do to get a better handle on my data?

The good news is that hotels have access to an impressive amount of data: Google Analytics is an amazing tool for website tracking. Social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter offer useful business services. When it comes to immediate hotel data, however, things can get a bit trickier. Accessing data from your internal PMS system can be challenging (and often expensive), yet it contains some of your most valuable data. Fortunately, SnapShot does the hard work for you, so when you log in to Analytics, all your information is there waiting for you.

How can analytics help small hotels?

It can be tough for small hotels to keep up with the larger chains when it comes to I.T. infrastructure and resources. Fortunately, SnapShot Analytics was developed for hotels of any size. SnapShot Analytics is free to use and is scalable, so as your business grows, Analytics grows with you. A solid handle on your hotel’s data is a great way to stay ahead of the curve and the competition.

Why should hotels care about data?

By working with data, hotels can do anything from improving booking numbers on a given day to increasing their social following to literally transforming their business. Accessing the right data at the right time can unlock new potential for any hotel.

What kind of data do hotels collect?

Hotels collect more data than ever before. Whether it’s done consciously or not, as a hotelier, you’re sitting on a goldmine of actionable information. If you use a credit card processing system, booking interface, or even just social media, you’re already collecting data.

What exactly is hotel analytics?

Hotel analytics is business intelligence made actionable. It’s all your hotel’s data, aggregated, sorted, and prioritized. Good hotel analytics will show you things like performance, benchmarking, pricing, reviews, website analytics, and social media stats.

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