Empower your clients

SnapShot Marketplace is a unique platform that hosts data from over 6000 hotels worldwide. It provides hotels with all the applications they need to run their business, all sitting on top of PMS data. Partnering with SnapShot allows you to quickly build custom applications for these hotels, bringing in new revenue for you.

Fast integration

Quickly connect SnapShot with your existing PMS infrastructure to provide single properties and hotel chains with a customized dashboard that gives them performance and market level of insight.

Co-branded marketing and support

Work with the marketing experts at SnapShot to increase brand awareness for your company and products. Plus, leverage SnapShot’s Customer Experience team for dedicated client support.

Access the SnapShot API and thousands of new potential clients

As a partner, get early access to SnapShot’s API to distribute products and features that can be used by thousands of hotels around the world.