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The SnapShot Marketplace houses pre-integrated applications that help your hotel to understand its data, improve business operations, and ultimately generate more revenue. Check out some of the top-selling hotel applications below.

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Boost revenue and reviews before, during, and after each stay with MyStay. MyStay provides a simple global guest experience platform where hotels can place relevant information and specials.

  • Communication
  • Upselling
  • Feedback
  • E-guide

Alert Me

Part of AnalyticsPro.

Get relevant information as it happens. Set custom alerts for when your pickup, occupancy, RevPAR, and other data changes or reaches a threshold. Alerts can be predefined or custom, and you can use as many alerts as you need.  Alerts are easily share-able with your team and will keep you updated in advance of your morning meetings. 

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OTA Commission Tracker

Part of AnalyticsPro

Know exactly how much you are paying OTAs and better estimate your future spending with the OTA Commission Tracker app. This app shows exactly what you are paying in commission across distribution channels so that you can better manage how much you are spending through OTAs. See fixed OTA commission costs broken down by PMS Travel Agent profiles, view net revenue, net ADR and net RevPAR. Pull reports and share them by email or through Fabric.

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Forecast & Budget

Part of Analytics Pro

The Forecast and Budget App allows you to easily compare your on-the-books data with your hotel’s forecast and/or budget. The app can be used with SnapShot Analytics, AnalyticsPro and On Demand Reporting. Once activated, download an Excel template that allows you to upload daily, weekly, or monthly forecasts, as well as daily or monthly budgets. You will then be able to compare your data within SnapShot Analytics

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Climber is an easy to use, intelligent and quick Revenue Management tool to help hotels optimize revenue with an automatic, self-learning software that detects opportunities to take immediate actions based on machine learning. Climber automatically detects cancellations, changes in reservations, identifies dates with no rooms available the day before, closed dates online when there are rooms still available to sell, and reservations without prices. Think of it as your Revenue Management Assistant.

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Stay Delightful

Stay Delightful enables hotels & spas to communicate with guests in real-time using SMS text from a single platform. It allows hotels to engage with guests from pre-arrival to post-stay and allows spas to generate ancillary revenue with targeted offers. Available on mobile and desktop, Stay Delightful enables hotels to turn guest messages into tasks, assign them to the right staff, communicate within teams, and schedule messages using message templates to reduce repetitive work.

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Enigma Light

ENIGMA Light is a fully automated Business Intelligence Application for Hotels & Hotels chains.

ENIGMA Light enables hotels and hotel chains to read and analyze their data seamlessly within SnapShot. It includes robust reporting on budget, reservations, & performance figures that are designed to simplify the decision making process. 

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ENIGMA is a fully automated Business Intelligence Application for Hotels with an integrated Yield Management module. The app collects data seamlessly from your PMS, including budget, events, reservations, performance figures, and more to provide hotels with reports that show past and future data, forecasts, and even rate schemas for revenue managers.

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KePSLA analyzes guest reviews to provide hoteliers with a tool that measures guest satisfaction, enhances quality standards, improves customer engagement and personalizes the guest experience. With KePSLA, hotels can analyze, report, and act upon review metrics and advanced semantic analyses. Plus, KePSLA’s platform allows hotels to interact with guests and reply directly to reviews to improve guest relations, and KePSLA’s travel recommendation engine allows hotels to influence their reputation and ranking on OTAs and meta-search engines.

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Bookboost offers a messaging tool as a service that helps hotels to establish better direct guest relations throughout all phases of the guest life cycle; pre-booking, pre-stay, in-stay and post-stay. Through this messaging tool, based upon consumer psychology, a hotel increases the number of direct bookings, raises RevPAR (Revenue Per Available Room) and improves overall guest satisfaction. The BookBoost app allows up to 500 conversations per month.

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Manage your online reputation and guest relations from one dashboard. Reputize provides an easy way for hotel professionals to monitor, collect and amplify guest reviews.

Reputize lets hotels · Manage guest relations from one place and get an insight of their online reputation · Engage 80% of guests before, during and post- stay · Push guest reviews to TripAdvisor, Google, HolidayCheck, Zoover, Tophotels.

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Travel Appeal

Travel Appeal reads all travelers reviews, social networks and 500+ sources across the Internet to find relevant information about your business. Then, it provides plain English suggestions and clear, beautiful analytics that enable you to make all your customers happier and achieve excellence. This app is currently in Beta. 
The Beta phase will be free of charge. Beta hotels also benefit from an additional month free of charge after the Beta phase has ended.

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Seatris is a reservation and table management assistant for your hotel restaurant outlets to increase revenue, save time and streamline operations.

Seatris offers smart table management, 24/7 live online bookings, automatic waitlists, intelligent assistance & recommendations, secured credit card bookings and claiming no-show fees, performance insights dashboard and ticket sales. The software enables you to manage multiple outlets at once within your hotel or hotel group, share guests and guest data within your network through a centralised CRM database.

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Part of AnalyticPro

With Reporting, hoteliers have data available at their fingertips for quick report generation and data mining.

Month end reporting always comes around so fast, doesn't it? And compiling this data, particularly for multiple properties from different PMSs, can take hours upon hours. Reporting gives you data access anytime in any browser. Simply select the property set you wish to review, choose your parameters (e.g. On The Books data for month end) and SNAP! All the data is there, in the same format ready to be exported into CSV or XML.

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With SnapShot AnalyticsPro, you have access to all your hotel data in one place. Analyze data from your PMS, hotel performance, website stats, social media channels, reviews, pricing and more. With the multi-property interface, get an overview of all your hotels and drill down into each hotel at a glance. Once you’ve set up your account and connected your PMS, view all your hotel data in one simple-to-use dashboard that can easily be shared with your entire team.

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