SnapShot On Demand

In depth data intelligence for hotel chains

Turn your data into actionable insights, with structured PMS and non-PMS data across multiple properties, regions and PMSs all accessible at your fingertips. Your data is accessible in three ways: through custom reporting, with a dedicated API access, and integrated into your BI tools like Tableau.


Instant data access

Analyse and create reports on the performance of all your hotels in a matter of seconds. With SnapShot on Demand, you can immediately pull, compare, and visualize the data that matters most to your group of hotels.

Create common segments across your entire group

Your segments can get messy. SnapShot on Demand has an app to clean up all your segments, across all your hotels in your entire group for clean and simple reporting.

Know your OTA spend

OTA vs. direct is still an ongoing discussion. Do you know where you stand? Know how much all hotels in your group pay in commissions to their most important OTAs. SnapShot on Demand shows you in an instant.

Bring your BI dashboard to life

Feed data into BI tools like Tableau to bring visuals to life. Analyze data with a new level of granularity and find patterns that you never knew existed.

Access a dedicated API

Control how your data is used – find new insights, build your own interface, algorithms and more all in one developer-friendly environment.