Integrating new clients is easier than ever

With over 6,000 hospitality clients on the platform, you can focus on building a great application and selling it. No more expensive and lengthy integration processes.

Finally, a simple solution to scaling your ideas.

Want to make hotel experiences better?

Realize your ideas with SnapShot

With over 6000 hotels connected on a uniform, vast data platform accessible through a single API, the SnapShot Marketplace provides a unique opportunity to quickly and easily build great applications that will shape the future technology for the hospitality industry. We’re making the hotel vertical accessible to makers, so makers can focus on products and not custom integrations.

Design awesome experiences

It has been said that the next revolution in hospitality will come from experiences. Building better experiences for hotel staff and guests depends on great developers using the technology power that is finally available within SnapShot Marketplace

Build your design with real data

Real data, really available. Thousands of hotels are now centralized into one data platform so you can build your applications without worrying about integrations. Focus your efforts on building great tools and features for hotels.

Distribute to thousands of hotels

Our Marketplace helps you easily deliver your applications to thousands of hotels worldwide. Subscriptions, accounts, billing and payments are all taken care of.

Get support from development to marketing

Get support from development to marketing

We’re here to help you make your application a success. From development, troubleshooting or bug-fixing our support team is there to help you. But it doesn’t just end there, SnapShot’s industry leading marketing department is also there to help you get out to the market.

Access developer resources

Check out our Developer resource center for all the details about building an application within the SnapShot Marketplace.


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