Visualizing your data is the beginning

Everything can be made better, always. But where do your start? Having data doesn’t mean it is being used. But building out proper analytics and visualization solutions is where everything becomes more obvious. Choose between using our existing Analytics dashboards or getting one customized for your needs. And if you’re already working on your own business intelligence dashboards, we’ll help you make it smooth and functional.





Analytics Pro - the bundle 

Benefit from the entire SnapShot data ecosystem! Get the fully integrated flagship product, SnapShot Analytics, along with automatic alerts, advanced OTA commission tracking, tools to analyze your forecast and budget compared to on-the-books data, a custom report builder, and more. Next level analytics for your hotel. Full functionality for your data.


See your KPIs and reporting in seconds

All your stats, reports, and data, now on one dashboard. The SnapShot Analytics Hotel Dashboard offers you a clearer view of your hotel: Track revenue, pick-up, website traffic, rate variations in your competitor set, and more before your morning coffee is done brewing. 

Built for teamwork

Share with the right person. Instantly loop in your team. Display it in the back office. Unified stats mean meetings derailed by conflicting data are a thing of the past. Now everyone can use the same reliable, real-time metrics.  

Zoom in

Take a closer look at your data with instant access to any metric you could want, no matter if you’re a general manager, revenue manager, or front desk clerk. For example, know how many people you reach with your social media posts and how that influences bookings coming through your webpage. Update your KPIs with a simple click of the refresh button.

Receive alerts on key data

Know on which dates you are close to selling-out. Get relevant information as it happens with custom alerts for when your pickup, occupancy, RevPAR and other data changes or reaches a certain threshold. 

Use as many alerts as you need and share them with your team. You will receive an email first thing each morning (6:00-7:00 AM local time) with all the updates needed for daily meetings.

Know your OTA spend

Get an instant overview of all your strongest agency
accounts with indication of how much commission you are paying to them. View net revenue, net ADR and net RevPAR. Pull up reports to analyze which OTAs have the highest commission cost, revenue share, net commission revenue, ADR and RevPAR. You can then customize and share the results by email.

Compare OTB with your forecast and budget

Find out how much business is on the books compared to forecast and budget. Once activated, simply upload your data into SnapShot Analytics and start comparing daily, weekly, or monthly forecasts, as well as daily or monthly budgets. 

Understand your pickup, quickly and easily

Choose dates flexibly and relate the time of booking and stay to who booked, via which channel and what room types. Have Room Nights, ADR and Revenue at your fingertips. Pickup Pro features tabular and graphical visualization and exports to PDF and Excel, making reporting a breeze.

Remove the hassle of integrations

Benefit from a new flexibility. Add and test new solutions through the SnapShot Marketplace quickly and find the right tools to achieve your business goals.