About SnapShot

Founded in Zell-am-See, Austria in 2013 and based in Berlin, Germany since 2015, SnapShot GmbH is a hotel data company and marketplace for hotel applications.

From simple budget control applications to more sophisticated analytics and big data applications, the SnapShot marketplace hosts applications and hotel data for thousands of hotels worldwide.

Acting as a hub for application developers needing to access and work with hotel data for applications and hotels needing secure and integrated applications, SnapShot’s data platform and marketplace is a unique resource in the hotel industry allowing a fast and efficient access to hotel technology for hotels, and a rapid and secure access to hotel data for developers.

This unique platform was designed on years of experience in the hotel technology industry as a catalyst to bring advanced technology to the hotel industry while removing friction for app developers to access data.

Founders & Management

Dr. Stefan Tweraser

Carson Booth

Carson Booth is the Chief Executive Officer of Snapshot and joins the Company at a critical time to help lead the next stage of growth. Carson brings over 25 years of hospitality technology experience and most recently in the startup consulting space. Immediately prior, he was the global vice president of property technology at Starwood Hotels & Resorts Worldwide and concurrently served as general manager of Starwood’s international licensing company, and previously served as vice president IT EMEA.

David Turnbull

David Turnbull
CCO & Co-Founder

David Turnbull is the co-founder and Chief Commercial Officer, serving on the Board of Directors. His focus is on growing SnapShot to help hotels and partners access and use their data to forward hotel technology. Having been involved with hotel data and analytics for more than 15 years, David has worked with some of the most forward thinking hotels and hotel companies such as Design Hotels, citizenM to name a few. As a member of the HSMAI Revenue Board, guest lecturer at ESSEC and EHL in addition to speaking at events around the world, David is a known and passionate hospitality technology thought leader.

Michael Heinze

Michael Heinze
CIO & Co-Founder

Michael Heinze is the Chief Information Officer and Co-Founder of SnapShot, serving on the Board of Directors. He manages the architecture and design of SnapShot’s data platform and technology solutions including ensuring all the data is maintained secure to the highest standards. A hotel technology entrepreneur since 1990, Michael has built 4 companies in the hotel technology sector from PMS to Channel Managers. SnapShot’s data platform and marketplace is the culmination of years of experience and solving the underlying need for hotels and hotel technology entrepreneurs around the world.

The Story

In 2013, not satisfied with the current state of hotel data, technology, integrations and analytics David and Michael set out to do something about it. The first issue to solve was how hotels could manage their revenue forecasting, predictions and budgets without resorting to unwieldy Excel documents shared over email.

This led to the first cloud based Demand Management Application, an innovative and deeply integrated application that would help hotels analyse and share information across departments easily.

To take it to a global scale, SnapShot Analytics was built as an easy to use analytics dashboard for hotels, incredibly there was no such a dashboard – in an age when data is considered the solution for most businesses.

Having built a dashboard and turned it into a runaway success with over 3000 hotels signed up in just under 12 month, it became clear that a properly integrated data platform for hotels would dramatically accelerate the hotel technology industry’s innovation possibilities.

That’s when the data platform was built. Powering a marketplace for hotels to get instant access to pre-integrated applications would offer hotels the possibility to easily upgrade to more advanced technology and it would give application developers access to thousands of hotels on a simple platform.

Hotels were clamoring for a better system to integrate with other applications and innovative application developers were using all their resources building integrations while they struggled to keep their applications up-to-date.

It was a win for every level.

Today, we’re happy to announce that that vision is becoming a reality with the launch of our SnapShot Marketplace.

The Vision

We believe the hotel technology industry has the possibility of becoming a cutting edge industry that serves hotels and guests enjoy better experience and service. We believe better technology in the hotel industry will make staff happier and more efficient whilst making guests feel more welcome. And we believe that it can be achieved through building an open and highly secure platform of data exchange between hotels and application developers.

This is still just the beginning of the future for hotel technology.