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Hoteliers work with so many different softwares and data sets, most of which operate in silos, making data inaccessible and difficult to analyze. We are building an ecosystem where all hotel data is centralized, structured and connected. Applications can be added, tested and removed with ease, allowing hotels to customize their entire software stack. Because all data is centralized, new apps can quickly and easily be developed using SnapShot’s API.

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3000+ hotels are already connected.

The consolidated power of over 3000 hotels makes SnapShot Marketplace the largest data and application platform for hotels of all sizes.

Getting started isn’t just easy, it’s free.

Joining the Marketplace is simple. Log in for free and connect your hotel to free tools like SnapShot Analytics, or Fabric – our brand new hotel communication app.

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Simple. Connected. Flexible.

Add applications as you need them without worrying about integrations, data security and huge contracts. Subscribe to the applications you want, test new apps, and customize your entire collection.

Integrated and ready to go.

Integration issues become a thing of the past. As your hotel’s PMS data is already integrated into the Marketplace, all you need to do is select the applications you want and the information starts flowing.

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Getting Started

To get access to the Marketplace and the applications, you first need to sign-up for SnapShot Analytics and get your hotel PMS connected. As the data begins to flow you’ll get access to all the benefits of the marketplace.

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