SnapShot Analytics
The new digital dashboard for your hotel

Track revenue, pick-up, website traffic, rate variations in your competitor set, and social follower trends before your morning coffee is done brewing. And much more is on the way.

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Everything you need to see, all in one place.

All your stats, reports, and data, now on one dashboard. It’s the new standard for hotel connectivity.

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Pixel-perfect design.

We designed SnapShot Analytics with exceptional attention to detail, from font selection down to individual pixel placement. Just like your hotel, it’s the small details that add up to the best experience.

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Take a closer look at your data with instant access to any metric you could want, no matter if you’re a general manager, revenue manager, or front desk clerk.

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Built for teamwork.

Share with the right person. Instantly loop in your team. Unified stats means meetings derailed by conflicting data are a thing of the past. Now everyone can use the same reliable, real-time metrics.

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Multi-property friendly.

Manage your portfolio. Create custom property sets and see across your portfolio of hotels in real time. All the info you need, nothing you don’t.

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